Our Mission

To organize the world's career opportunities so that job seekers can be matched with the careers they love and deserve; and to empower job seekers with transparency on fair value for their time and labor.

What is PureSalary?

PureSalary is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites.

PureSalary’s database of provably accurate salary data for millions of jobs is gathered from official employer declarations of salaries to government agencies such as the United States Department of Labor. Unlike other job sites, Cuerdale seeks to bring you salary transparency.

This means that PureSalary does not report any numbers that we cannot demonstrably prove to be accurate and reliable. There is no unreliable, self-reported salary data on PureSalary. Instead, all salary data presented is based on an official declaration from the employer to a government agency.

PureSalary is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.